Escada Magnetism

Escada Magnetism

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Escada Magnetism

Escada Magnetism 75ml. Eau De Parfum is inspired by magnetic attraction, passion and ageless love between two people. Parfum Escada Magnetism envelops your body into a floral-oriental fragrance. The main role here presented as green tones, black currant, jasmine, iris, almond and vanilla. A fresh cocktail of selected ingredients is a smell of Magnetism, which is guaranteed to bring out your natural beauty, elegance and sex appeal. From the bottle cheerful colors radiate intense dark energy, purity and elegance. Escada Magnetism is designed for women that are timeless, original and his simultaneously romantic and sensual. The fragrance will be useful both in hot, and in the cooler days of the year. If you own this smell, you become a magnet for literally live nearby. Fragrance was launched in 2003. Perfume Magnetism by Escada - a magic elixir that can intoxicate any man. It is a love potion, only a few drops of which is engraved your vivid image in memory representative of the stronger sex for many years. Perfume turn you into a femme fatale, which afford to enchant even the king. The top perfume stanza poem presented fruit and berry notes. Get ready to enjoy the flavors of ripe melon and tart black currant, combined with the smell of pineapple. During a parade entry will proceed "Heart" notes: jasmine and magnolia, freesia and lily of the valley, iris and sweet basil. The finish composition does not leave any chance to even the most persistent elect. It lashed out at the man strong network of caramel and vanilla, sandalwood, musk and amber noble.

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