Escada Island Kiss 2011

Escada Island Kiss 2011

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Escada Island Kiss 2011

Escada Island Kiss 2011 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a sweet fragrance, fruity-woody for women. Exotic notes of perfume Island Kiss 2011 were inspired by the beautiful landscapes of the Caribbean. The endless sandy beaches, palm trees and crystal clear water. Gentle rustle of the breeze, birds singing and the murmur of the ocean sea. It is a unique fragrance, Escada brand created for all women who love exotic regions, sunrise and moments of rest and relaxation. Another limited edition summer brand Escady, Island Kiss 2011, which has an impressive curved glass. It is available in navy blue color, decorated with a metal cover and a cute pendant. Box, which protects the glass from damage, has printed a woman dressed in swimsuit walking on the beach that unbounded. The first tones of this amazing perfume Escada you feel the power Shinning exotic fruits. Orange juicy, delicious fresh mango and passion fruit picking, you envelop your senses with an instant state tucked waves of pleasure. In central notes of magnolia perfume find hidden tones elegance and ripe peaches. Due to its rich arrangements, you'll feel incredibly feminine and attractive. Base notes are composed of wood seductive and sensual musk. You'll feel exotic and delicate achieving hours after application. Brand Escada fragrances are renowned for summer limited editions, full of lovely flowers and delicious fruits in the world. However, Escada not stop there. Under this name you will also find rich tones of spices and refreshing aquatic species, always hidden in a charming package. Men and women around the world have left conquered by Escada fragrances and promise not to betray them again. It is a luxury and high quality that complements your personality at a reasonable price. Discover the beauty of the most famous exotic destinations, Caribbean. Enjoy the exceeding white beaches, fresh sea air and ocean glow. Escada Island Kiss perfume 2011 will experience moments of enjoyment, relaxation and fun, unquestionably belonging summer.

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