Escada incredible Me

Escada incredible Me

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Escada incredible Me

Escada incredible Me 75ml. Eau De Parfum is a modern, confident and successful woman who is soulful, has a sense of humor, his style and loves mystery. The uniqueness of perfume Incredible Me confirms the luxury bottle, which is a perfect example of modern design. Head fragrance consists of fresh clementines, which due to its unique aroma intertwined with the very heart of the fragrance. Here is a crystal honeysuckle, seductive and intoxicating Chiang Mai orchids. Basically fragrance is stunning, delicately sweet tiramisu and warm sandalwood. Luxurious and hedonistic Escada perfume is perfect for all-day wear. Escada Incredible Me fragrance will literally gets his unexpectedly pleasant sweet aroma and unusually sophisticated elegance! It is a fragrance stylish, carefree, a little daring and dazzling beautiful girl. With this scent, you can not only express themselves, but also to impress others with their brilliance and eccentricity. If you decide to experiment with your style, feel free to choose perfume Incredible Me, because they could not be better suited for it.  fragrance Top notes - tiramisu and vanilla notes in the heart sounds and clementine honeysuckle and plume reserves the finish of sandalwood, which will give the boundless delight. She is bold and carefree, dazzling and unusual, elegant and stylish. She radiates confidence and takes life too seriously, because it knows that everything will be fine! fun and innocent mischief gave her pleasure, and the world - nothing else as a platform for its games. And the world favors it, looking forward to her appearance. And when it comes, no one can take my eyes off her. She enjoys every moment of life, and knows that all eyes will be directed only at her. She gets everything out of life that only wish! Incredible Me - her lifestyle. Date fragrance: oriental, floral Top notes: honeysuckle, clementine note "Hearts": orchid Base notes: vanilla, sandalwood.

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