Escada Especially Elixir

Escada Especially Elixir

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Escada Especially Elixir

Escada Especially Elixir 75ml. Eau De Parfum - Forget about the dullness and monotony. Feel free to say, "Goodbye forever, care, and routine." Decorate the world in bright colors using the palette rich aroma Especially Elixir of Escada. Pick up a paintbrush and turned into a talented artist. It offers the most juicy shades. To get started, try ripe pears and juicy grapefruit. Then proceed to the shades of Turkish rose, ylang-ylang outlandish and flavored prunes. Unleash your imagination and complete the picture strokes noble amber and patchouli, sweet vanilla and musk resistant. Perfume water Especially Elixir like a light shawl, which can decorate your neck cheerful and confident nature, a young woman, whose main weapon - a genuine smile and endless optimism. Date flavor: floral-fruity Top notes: juicy grapefruit, ripe pear and seeds ambretty note "Hearts": ylang-ylang, absolutes, Turkish rose, fresh plums and prunes Final note: amber, musk, patchouli, vanilla and cashmere. Despite the fact that the fragrance is built from familiar chords, but nevertheless different from their counterparts on a series of amazing intensity. Oriental mystery chords give the flavor and richness and elegance Especially Elixir is achieved through seed ambretty. Grapefruit and pear give freshness and depth, emphasizing the chord Turkish rose. For more luxury and depth of flavor gives Madagascan vanilla. This unique combination of ingredients creates elegant and feminine fragrance and at the same time sensual and magical. Especially Escada Elixir built around rose, unfolding in the heart notes. However, it differs from other fragrances collection of amazing richness. Preserving a flower freshness inherent in all flavors collections Especially Escada, new flavor becomes more intense, thanks to the unique combination of precious ingredients from all over the world.

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