Escada Desire Me

Escada Desire Me

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Escada Desire Me

Escada Desire Me 75ml. Eau De Parfum is a sweet floral scent inspired by the uncontrollable desire that woman can cause men only dramatic look. Female Desire Me knows that is the object of desire and mystery, he wanted everyone to solve. Exciting and magical appeal, perfume Escada Desire Me - is a real elixir of seduction with which women conquer men at first sight, attracting its individuality, unique feminine and sensual bliss. Dressed in an incredibly elegant bottle in gold frame, perfume Escada Desire Me is an fabulously provocative variation collection of fragrances "Me". - Soft, creamy fragrance composition disclosed transparent bitter-sweet citrus notes clementine, passing into flower "heart" of the fragrance, filled with accents orchid, peony and honeysuckle and enriched light, fresh and fruity notes that give the flavor of mystery unobtrusive and exotic hue. - Petite Italian flavor Tiramisu cake shown by notes mascarpone, coffee, biscuit and chocolate creates an incredibly seductive, warm and sensual "aftertaste." The word on the creators of fragrance Escada Desire Me - is a surefire way to attract male attention. The composition of the fragrance includes notes of bitter-sweet citrus and notes of peony and fresh green leaves. In the "base" felt warm and sweet chords tiramisu, coffee, chocolate chip cookies and dark chocolate. Desire Me perfume designed for young women who always want to be the center of attention, attract the attention of men, knowing their strengths. Sparkling energy, charisma, charm - that is associated with what this perfume.

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