Escada Born In Paradise

Escada Born In Paradise

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Escada Born In Paradise

Escada Born In Paradise 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Imagine paradise exotic tropical: hot sun, raging ocean, hot sand, wildlife, in which everything is so beautiful and harmonious. Unique aroma Escada Born in Paradise - allows mentally transport ourselves to the most beautiful corner of the world, and to fully enjoy the beauty, coast and scents of wild flowers and fruits. Unforgettable and bright sounds each note perfume. The composition makes the plunge into the world of incredible sensuality and pleasure. The main notes - it guava, watermelon and green apple. They fill flavor fresh energy. Depth and sweetness add coconut milk and pineapple, which are the heart of the fragrance, his passionate soul. Final notes perfume sandalwood, cedar and white musk. heady cocktail of exotic smells Born in Paradise gives a feeling of warmth, harmony and happiness. The fashion house Escada annually pleases its admirers specialties of perfumes and limited edition flavors better. In 2014 he published a new summer limited edition Born in Paradise Escada. Experts estimate the chance of success of the new fragrance, like his predecessors. Replaced berry perfume Cherry in the Air comes a new floral fruity fragrance Escada Born John Paradise. The new fragrance has a huge positive charge, optimism and energy, conjures up thoughts of exotic vacation somewhere in the Pacific Islands. Eau de Toilette Born in Paradise Escada poured a whole range of aromas of exotic fruits, inviting feeling of summer and holidays. Among the entire palette of smells fine, but sensuously distinguished flavors of green apple, watermelon, guava, energizing and positive for the day. Born in Paradise offers an escape from everyday life and move into an imaginary tropical paradise; invites you to enjoy a free flight and the whole skin to absorb the juices and flavors of the beautiful, sun-drenched corner of wildlife. The composition of the novelty is a delicious cocktail of exotic fruits that awaken the senses. Among the many major chords are green apple, guava and watermelon.

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