Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes

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Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes 100ml. Eau De Parfum created under the direction of unique master Carlos Benaim. Perfume history devoid of sexuality and passion, but this does not become a bunch of boring. No, this is a great trail for a luxurious business woman. Accessory poured easily refined colors on a wooden substrate. Grace delicate jasmine goes to Rose plexus tenderness and great fragrant peony. History becomes the epitome of beauty and gentility. Saturated noble aura base notes Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes of amber and Virginia cedar. Laconic composition contributes to the creation of an attractive and rigorous way, stylish beauty and charm. For example, women and girls can become the owner of the incomparable charm of Elizabeth Taylor, who was a symbol of success, beauty and elegance. Strict and sound simultaneously touching flavor conveys the image of beauty, tenderness and grace. As if an invisible veil it falls on the shoulders of modern beauties, complementing their outfits. Top notes: peach, middle notes are jasmine and rose; base notes of cedar Virginia, amber and peony. Remember that buying a perfume in our online store, you get the original products from the official manufacturer. Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes is a modern and mysterious composition of floral aromas that highlight your femininity. Essence-inspired eye color. Interesting concept aromatic whiff, whose advantages are mainly sensuality, sophistication and elegance. Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes, that's peach temptation, which is surrounded by the color of jasmine and rose. Specific intoxication with which you get to the attraction and feminine beauty. Inspiration for everyday wear, which is full of flowers and charming refreshing surf. Be Magic and their. Perfume for Women Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes is located in a nice purple bottle, whose upper is dotted with glittering stones. Luxury and tender connections, in which lies literally flower bomb with woody undertones. Enjoy the freshness of summer days with Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes.

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