Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

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Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers

Elizabeth Arden Sun Flowers For Women 100ml. EDT is actually a classic feminine fragrance, created in 1993 and since then has not lost its popularity and charm that attracts views and takes captive the hearts of men. This bright and cheerful energetic perfume for girls and women. Fragrance created to make working life brighter and more interesting. His marvelous warming aura of femininity and sweet ease suitable for both day and evening use for. After sunny mood can not leave a beautiful day because her tenderness and romance requires sweetness and sensuality constantly fragrant notes. Fragrant aura constructed in such a way that perfume Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers light tippets rests on the fragile shoulders graceful beauty and invisible canopy closes it from dullness and complexity of the modern world. Girl or woman the right to defend themselves from hardship and loss, but with the flavor of such a force and sexuality, she will never know the loneliness and boredom, because it presents a marvelous aura of a brand new beautiful world a relaxed, stylish and charming. Perfume tale fragrance Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers bright sunny colors and paints a portrait silhouette wondrous beauty, fairy nymphs, which flits through life leads her carefree and easy, enjoying every moment and every day. Only sensual and warm base flavor is able to brighten up the charm of everyday life, to make them exciting and interesting. Passion and heady sweetness gives girl or woman fragrant cocktail perfume. Fragrance bottle Elizabeth Arden Sunflowers is a stunning harmony filling and aromatic essence. Because high rectangular bottle filled with golden-amber liquid perfume and topped with snow-white glossy rounded lid, which complements the image of the sun and summer. Title flavor subtly applied to the glass vessel, while delicate twist becomes yellow sprayer bottle, echoing the color of its content.

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