Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude

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Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude

Elizabeth Arden Provocative Interlude 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Luxury novelty from Elizabeth Arden appeared clearly not to be taken lightly. About provocative glamor bright flavor declare it as a bottle of the original form, covered misty purple haze, and the notes themselves heady smell. Provocative Interlude begins notes of champagne, white berries and guava leaves. "Heart" is made up of of orchid, flower petals and mango. In the "base" discern shades of white chocolate, musk and cashmere wood red. "Face" of the fragrance has become a luxury Hollywood star Catherine Zeta-Jones. Stormy temperament and passionate beauty, provocative outfits and fiery eyes - so looks like a woman Provocative Interlude. Seductive, alluring fragrance Provocative Interlude, designed by the famous brand Elizabeth Arden in 2006. This is the true essence of temptation and charming, enveloping light, fragrant mist exotic fruits and delicate flower petals. Scent is dedicated to women radiant, charming, gorgeous, full of charm and possessing inimitable style. For more beauty and elegance of the fragrance bottle design gives worthy collection to decorate even the most demanding connoisseur of beauty. And if you appreciated the charm of these spirits, also try congenial flavor Provocative Woman, created by the same brand. Perfume fragrance is composed of notes of wild berries, champagne, guava leaves, orchid, petals, flowers, mango, white chocolate, mahogany and cashmere musk.

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