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Elizabeth Arden Pretty

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Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Elizabeth Arden Pretty 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a light fruity-floral fragrance for women. Perfume, which was launched in 2009, is designed for romantic souls who yearn for a sense of belonging and harmony. Pink haze of happiness surround you every day of your life and you never get tired. It is very versatile, but he fully excelling especially in warm weather. Pretty scent is stored in the charming glass bottle, which perfectly adorn every princess dresser. The box is square shapes, crafted in a pink hue and dotted with beautiful flowers motives. Perfume from a reputable cosmetic brand Elizabeth Arden evokes youth, joy of life and the sweet taste of a kiss of love. From love this scent, you can donate to the person to whom you particularly care about. Certainly appreciate the unobtrusive floral aroma that belongs to every romantic woman. Perfectly matched combination of juicy fruit, lovely flowers and wood is weightless, like a spring breeze. Begins sweetly fresh notes of mandarin, ripe peach and soft orange blossom. Elegant hearts showing off the scent of jasmine, iris, peonies and Petalite. Exotic woods, precious musk and ambergris ends with seductive pink composition by Elizabeth Arden. Pretty has medium endurance. This implies that it from the skin of your body will feel even many hours after application. Luxury cosmetics and perfumes Elizabeth Arden are still very popular with both men and women worldwide. No wonder. The quality and the finest essences from around the world combined with an aesthetically pleasing design of bottles and a sense of memorable moments. Elizabeth Arden decades teaches women around the world perceive own beauty and sensuality, which also added to their perfume. I will teach you to be beautiful and desirable? Elizabeth Arden full justice to its name Pretty fragrance. It's one word charm. To become attractive and youthful lady that constantly surrounds the unique aroma of flowers and fruits.

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