Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean

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Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean 100ml. EDP - Feminine fragrance from Elizabeth Arden. Perfumer Claude Dir describes how he created the flavor combination of sensual flowers and cream timber. The composition opens with notes of peach ice cream, Sicilian mandarin and damask plum turning into the "heart" of wisteria, star magnolia and Madagascar orchid. "Base" is composed of sandalwood, musk and amber. Flavors of this brand - the highest concentration of femininity and tenderness. With a complex composition, each of them has its own bright and extraordinary character. At the same time perfume Elizabeth Arden brand imposes woman ready image - it merely adds to it, bringing to perfection. Due to the fact that the line of fragrances is broad enough to pick perfumes that would meet all possible requirements, almost every woman can. Elizabeth Arden fragrance is romantic and attracting name Mediterranean. Mediterranean promises to move its possessor to those places where the sun and the sea will cause her to become less shy, offering a full life. Women's Perfume Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean takes you to the Mediterranean, where pampering heat waves and gentle breeze. Scent will perfectly complement a young, sensual and romantic woman who loves nature and long walks. Enchanting experience of perfume Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean underscore sweet fruity notes, which will pleasantly caress. Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean perfume, it will entice unique peach sorbet, Sicilian mandarin and sweet plums. The heart of the fragrance flowers of wisteria, magnolia and rare Madagascan orchid. At the end, you put on a sun-warmed wood colored golden amber and sensual musk supplemented. This women's perfume from Elizabeth Arden is perfect for summer. Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean scents fill you with a pleasant feeling and kidnaps you into a world of infinite harmony.

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