Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue After Five

Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue After Five

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Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue After Five

Elizabeth Arden Fifth Avenue After Five 125ml. Eau De Parfum is epitomizes luxury and sophistication of the most famous streets of the world, do not stop talking since its release in 1996. Fifth Avenue, the point of the pulse of the great city that embodies sophistication, wealth and the dream became reality, inspired by perfumer Olivier Gillotina to create a new version of an intriguing unforgettable aroma. 5th Avenue After Five - this is not the time and state of mind at the time when long day comes to an end, and the city where wishes come true, descend twilight. This muffled and loud music. This old friends and new acquaintances. This is an exciting night when anything can happen. Combination of notes of black plum, honeysuckle, white flowers and delicate saffron cream sandal with luxury and sensuality of musk and tonka bean charms, promises unexpected continuation and leaves a lasting. Gentle wind, but at the same time transparent and modern, this fragrance is the most glamorous woman. Like the original, released in 1996, the new product is designed for young, chic and stylish ladies. Fifth Avenue - the heart of one of the most amazing cities in the world. After five o'clock, when soft steps at dusk and be heard everywhere pleasant music starts, she begins to live with anticipation. Anticipation clockwork parties, romantic and stormy nights. It is this feeling embodied in flavor 5th Avenue After Five . Luxurious, sensual, floral arrangement addressed smart, feisty and stylish woman adores fashion, social events and fun parties.

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