Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC

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Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC

Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC 125ml. Eau De Parfum is extremely luxurious women's fragrance that evokes the exciting nightlife in the city and all that is associated with this. Parfum Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC is cosmopolitan and extremely feminine fragrance designed for all women who feel themselves to be themselves and to each other like to remind the crowd of other women. The actual beginning fragrance Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC opens captivating chords of bergamot, sweet juicy peaches and apples. The heart of the fragrance is freshly picked currants, silky jasmine, peony graceful and delicate plum blossoms. In conclusion fragrance enchant you warm essences of sandalwood, tonka bean playful, exciting sunny vanilla and amber. Sensual dot creates pure precious musk. This unique ladies Parfum by Elizabeth Arden is perfect for an evening social event or party with friends. Do not be afraid to get your attention with an exclusive women's fragrance Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC! Perfect scent captures the culture and all the luxury, style and energy of 5th Avenue in New York. A woman who uses a scent, a unique and incredibly original style, in which you will not let anyone speak. Fragrance was launched in 2013. Perfume is based on a floral bouquet, noble and refined, shaded light hint of citrus. Sweet smell of lily of the valley and magnolia, delicate rose and violet, lilac heady blend in perfectly with the fresh flavors of lime flower, mandarin and bergamot. Complementary composition smells of oriental spices and incense give her attractiveness and charm, emphasize the femininity and sexuality. Perfume Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue NYC Limited Edition will be a great gift for women of all ages!

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