Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle

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Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle

Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle 90ml. Eau De Parfum - In April 2014, after last year's premiere of the unique female fragrance EAU DE LACOSTE, LACOSTE is impeccable addition to it. The new sensual fragrance, like specially designed for warm summer evening - Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle. Fragrance Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle intended to emphasize elegant yet casual style and evoke memories of an enjoyable evening. Starting fresh evening breeze, then fragrance reveals sparkling, bright notes of pink pepper and contrasting shade tart blackcurrant. As the sun changes and Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle, changing the atmosphere: Turkish rose flawless elegance resonates with delicate light notes of sweet peas and fresh floral touch gladiolus Inflexus. After sunset, becomes clearly visible energy evening. Soft sensuality nougatina connected with luxurious notes of amber and allows you to create the perfect scent for the coming night. Spicy fragrance with nobility chords beckons with its unique sound and depth. Uncommon, alluring fragrance mysterious woman with beautiful eyes the color of the night. Sleek, slim loop with spices combined with languid rose envelops the body with bright notes of pink pepper and cassis. Sensual musk notes astringency and bitterness sweet nougat completes this magical cocktail. Inner strength fragrance reveals a captivating combination of spices with flowers. Elegant harmony of sensual musk shades combined with languid notes of colors creates an exquisite perfume for Women Riddles - Women Dreams. Lacoste Eau De Lacoste Sensuelle created for sincere, captivating, impulsive, free-spirited lady. Gentle, seductive fragrance evokes passion and desire to live a bright, busy life! Fragrance dedicated magical magnetism and power of feminine beauty, its lightness and ease, infinite charm and tenderness. Evening, bright perfume that emphasize the beauty and grandeur of the woman, her ability to be brilliant and charming.

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