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Eau De Gaga

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Eau De Gaga

Eau De Gaga 75ml. Eau De Parfum is new extravagant cocktail party for your senses and instincts of Lady Gaga. In 2014, we witness the solemn appearance on the world market, "Star Perfume" the new fragrance from Lady Gaga - Eau de Gaga 001 . "What is it," you ask, answer, a new composition in the style of provocative UNISEX for fashion and modern public which selects a free style, outrageous and extravagance. The aroma is strong and sonorous, he impregnated momentary desires and animal instincts, that wave of love and passion that comes to life on your skin, feeds your warmth and passion, tears clothes and removes barriers to the world of passionate games of pleasure and euphoria. The new fragrance Eau de Gaga 001 was developed by The Haus Laboratories Haus of Gaga in collaboration with Coty inc. Beautiful and colorful composition of your youth, to communicate without boundaries and conventions. This is the new world of modern fragrances are created for the communication of young hearts, it is a cocktail of youth and audacity in a spirit of freedom and romance. Aroma 001 Eu de Gaga is based on a white flower of violet, which has a confident and charming sound. But first, a gentle rain and fresh lime in the form of notes, pleasantly cool and juicy is that so relieves stress and fatigue. A plume composition looks very charismatic and stylish. Skin tones provide sexuality and sophistication, and shades of wood are responsible for the resistance and impeccable style of the composition. You can only discover and explore the world that surrounds you, and most importantly, that we are always and at any age, saying to one another words of love, words of admiration and recognition of even the smallest of victories, it makes the world of this tale for all of us!

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