Eau De Cartier Goutte De Rose

Eau De Cartier Goutte De Rose

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Eau De Cartier Goutte De Rose

Eau De Cartier Goutte De Rose 100ml. Eau De Toilette evokes a morning stroll through a garden full of dewy roses. The perfume is perfect for any young modern woman with a romantic soul who love the scent of flowers. Let yourself be carried away by the stunning perfume essences, Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose, which will perfectly stir the soul. Carefully chosen ingredients perfume Cartier Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose creates an unmistakable and very seductive aroma that will immediately get its clean! A woman who uses scent throughout the day feels neat, confident and incredibly sexy. The individual components of the perfume blends perfectly together and enhance the unique atmosphere of blooming gardens. Sniff and Sweeten your day with an excellent women's fragrance Eau de Cartier Cartier Goutte de Rose! Surround yourself with pink aura that shines all the moments of your day. This exceptional fragrance is perfect for every occasion. Its purity will literally enchant and surprise! Fragrance Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose is hidden in the clear glass bottle, which conceals its light pink liquid. Be your full and immerse yourself in the romantic scent of roses with luxury women's fragrance Eau de Cartier Goutte de Rose by Cartier! Bouquet of roses, presented to the beloved, is able to tell more than words. In it - love, tenderness, vows of eternal devotion and admiration. No wonder this flower sang with his poems poets and artists have tried to convey the beauty in the paintings. The legendary fragrant flower formed the basis of flavor Goutte de Rose, who presented the best "noses perfume" brand Cartier. He will envelop you with its marvelous sound, emphasizing the femininity and elegance, becoming the best decoration. It opens during the day and surprises with its versatility. Gentle, flowing, spring-fresh scent will awaken in you the brightest feelings. Ambient will certainly notice this change, and generously endowed you with compliments!

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