Eau De Cartier Essence De Bois

Eau De Cartier Essence De Bois

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Eau De Cartier Essence De Bois

Eau De Cartier Essence De Bois 100ml. Eau De Toilette is specially designed for all the exceptional people who like to drive your intuition and love everything that is imaginative. This primarily sweet perfume with woody solid foundation is very intense, distinctive and has a long battery life. Scent has a dynamic feel, as you can relax. Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois is simply perfect scent for day wear! The unique composition unisex fragrance Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois slowly opens elegant bergamot notes that are inflected with uncharacteristic rare combination of yuzu and playful violet petals. This mixture will directly stir the soul. The heart of the fragrance with floral notes shelter, which is dominated by intoxicating lavender. Pure aroma of flowers is also intertwined with the warm agar wood, animal ambergris, patchouli and exotic precious musk. Exclusive fragrance from Cartier will be a great companion in every situation of your day. Looking for something new? Then try the magic unisex fragrances, which are suitable for both men and women! Let yourself go completely sophisticated and very sophisticated fragrance Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois, which will give you energy and lift your confidence. Lightly misted the essence of freshly torn flowers fragrance Eau de Cartier Essence de Bois will be for you every morning, the perfect tonic and you boldly enter into a new day! Fragrances around us - as much an important part of everyday reality, as well as its visible manifestation. Make a refreshing notes of spring wood and spring water flowing into the atmosphere each day will help a unique perfume Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence De Bois. In its aroma in excellent harmony connected invigorating citrus, soft wood, herbal refreshing and cheerful floral notes, each of which will carry out a full immersion into a unique realm of fairy tales spring from which you never want to leave. Variety overflows Cartier Eau de Cartier Essence De Bois will allow to fully enjoy every component of its composition. From bright bergamot, Japanese yuzu, violet leaves and flavor seamlessly transforms into a lavender and violet splendor, and completes this excellent composition velvety connection ambergris, patchouli and musk. This wonderful flavor and exotic at the same time restrained, so it is ideal for continuously striving towards its goal of business people, and for the brave fans of incredible adventures, and "introverted" couch potatoes, most appreciate the peace of mind and inner peace.

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