Dunhill X-Centric

Dunhill X-Centric

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Dunhill X-Centric

Dunhill X-Centric Men Cologne EDT 100 ml. is a woody fragrance. It is full of individuality and uniqueness. Celebrates the uniqueness and originality. Ideal for differentiation in today's modern, uniform world full of stereotypes and prejudices. It breaks down barriers, is fierce, honest and spontaneous. Full of energy and enthusiasm. However, it has also hides pure seduction and sexuality stemming from differences. And that uniqueness is attractive as a reliable magnet. X-Centric fragrance symbolizing uniqueness and such is its composition. Fragrance contains a very unique essence. It combines sweet cinnamon, sage pronounced with fresh green tones, but also warm and sensual accents and cardamom. It has a gentle and floral heart whose sweetness is dimmed dry and rough wood, sandalwood and cedar. The result of these unexpected combinations absolutely irresistible, typically masculine scent. Lotion X - Centric will love all men who like to differentiate, they do not want to be part of the crowd. They appreciate the change, controversy and like to shock. Trying new things every day, they experience life full of adrenaline and fun. It breaks down stereotypes and build with each obstacle. They are men evenly matched, you go for your goal, are determined. A perfected them lacks only the scent X - Centric, which correctly and subtly underline their sexy style. This aroma is harmoniously intertwined wood and fern motifs, creating a pleasant and dizzying fragrance Dunhill X-Centric, which became a symbol of classic and this male sensuality. Its owner stands out from the crowd precisely its versatility and originality. He is constantly in the spotlight and skillfully use it. With this fragrance every man will create an image of stylish and fashionable handsome man, whose little interest in the opinions of others, he boldly goes forward and will not stop before any obstacle. After spraying, you will feel the nuances of spicy nutmeg, warm, slightly burning cinnamon, bitter, citrus grapefruit and cardamom burning. It is in all its glory itself are initial notes. When they fully unfold, to replace them quietly come "heart" motifs, which give the fragrance of resinous cedar, lotus rich and noble, even a cool little roses and floral-woody freesia. Sound exotic sandalwood, animal compelling musk, sweetish amber and bitter, smoky patchouli complete the composition of perfume.

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