Dunhill Desire Silver

Dunhill Desire Silver

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Dunhill Desire Silver

Dunhill Desire Silver 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Seductive, refined fragrance will embellish the image of any man. Colorful perfume creation Alfred Dunhill Desire Silver is able to excite you with its overly frank modulations. Extravagant novelty is imprisoned in a luxurious bubble light silver color. The incomparable masterpiece captivates you flawless game of its magnificent ensemble. Harmony moderately fresh and exciting dryly overflows helps to tune in the desired fashion. Juicy details will not be made public, unparalleled motives are able to keep their secrets. In many novels and films the main character is not very heroic gesture rarely gets out of the inside pocket of a jacket with a jar of drink, makes a small sip, and then continues heroics with a vengeance. Perhaps this is something there. But the French perfumers Alfred Dunhill Home judged on its own way. And fill in a small flask of whiskey is not notorious, and extraordinary men's fragrance. And of course, it is not necessary to drink. To become someone's hero, it is enough to put on your skin or clothing. Aroma Desire Silver refers to water and citrus. Its composition starts with freshness of bergamot and mandarin bright flashes. Note the "heart" reveals manly embrace, fresh and spicy cardamom, water and bitter shades of violet leaves. The base is built on scent, vetiver and birch. Perfume tempting and enticing, its captivating magic can awaken the senses even in the most arrogant and unapproachable "Snow Queen". Of course, to achieve its future location. But even heroes need - not only to fight the negative characters, but also fell in love, fall in love and live happily ever after.

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