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Dunhill Custom

Dunhill Custom 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Enhance your style and make a lasting first impression with the inviting aroma of Custom by Dunhill. You will exude confidence and strength with this captivating evening men's fragrance. Introduced in 2011, Custom features base notes of English pippin apples, black pepper, and cedar wood that create an invigorating fruity and spicy blend. You will smell both masculine and sophisticated with this enticing cologne that delicately mixes smoky and wood scents to create a pleasant aroma. Fashion house Dunhill has over 100 years fulfills special orders. Custom new fragrance with well-balanced wood and spicy notes, evokes the image of the new suits and dresses, and on the tube, you can specify your signature, it serves as a monogram. In the tradition of this luxurious fragrance brand Alfred Dunhill Custom considers masculine elegance and sophistication. The composition opens refreshing, invigorating and complex aroma of English apples Pippin and gradually turns into a sharp black pepper, creating an intriguing masculine energy. Warm base notes of cedar and incense presented. - woody masculine fragrance with spicy undertones. The composition disclosed notes of red apple, exciting and refreshing. In the heart - pepper. Base notes - cedar from Virginia and incense. Dunhill Custom - an irreplaceable restrained classic men's scent, but younger and more modern twist. Flavor confident and optimistic young man. Eau de toilette for men Dunhill Custom is an expression of masculine elegance, sophistication and sensuality. Belonging to the tradition of the brand, which brings intoxicating refreshing stimulating natural energy. Luxury aroma, whose piquancy and freshness hiding behind smoke flavors. Dunhill Custom, are especially fragrant apples combined with black pepper. Delicious and intoxicating combination awakening male ego. Ingredients that will give you the necessary energy and wraps in woody haze. Evoke in women feelings of arousal, pleasure and strong human attraction.

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