Dsquared2 He Wood Silver Wind Wood

Dsquared2 He Wood Silver Wind Wood

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Dsquared2 He Wood Silver Wind Wood

Dsquared2 He Wood Silver Wind Wood 100ml. Eau De Toilette is the new men's fragrance from Dsquared2 launched in 2011. The fragrance is inspired by nature, silver wind that gently flows through the Canadian wilderness in the form of forests and mountains, or the golden sun rays reflected from the tops of local majesty. Wood Silver Wind Wood has represented the Canadian fierce wind that passes through the mountains, taking with it everything that comes its way. Therefore its onset is quite steep, in a sign of sage, lavender, musk and nutmeg. Then the perfume develops in warm chords, which can detect, for example, vanilla, and cedar. The scent is woody and modern, suitable for a mature man in active age. The man who will Dsquared2 He Wood Silver Wind Wood wear, will act strongly, protectively, naturally confident and very manly. Just like the man whom women dream. Canadian fashion house Dsquared2, who scored in the recent popularity among the broadest layers of connoisseurs of quality luxury perfumes, is the male version of the fragrance of the series "Nature always wins» the He Wood Silver Wood of Wind . Woody and surprisingly "clean scent" he passed a lot of tests to be worthy of manly fragrance on the body of a true gentleman of our days. He Wood Silver Wind Wood performed the highest sense and nobility of Dsquared2 perfumers were able to sing to you with the help of the perfume composition of the elite class of the natural beauty of the mountains and forests of Canada. He Wood Silver Wind Wood ; here cool mountain spring on the border with the swiftness of the waterfall, there is silence and oblivion of the forest, easy to get along with the strong wind that sweeps over the tops of the mountains, twisting in eddies and rushes into the abyss with an incredible howl. Yes, the new elegant Silver Wind Wood is a combination of notes and colors, complex and simple, elegant and banal, but arranged and we are with you, we are ready to play its role to the end, we are born by nature and we draw strength and confidence, audacity and greatness , courage and determination. The new men's fragrance from Dsquared2 is the new wave, the new height for the conquest for those who are able to understand the beauty of life, the beauty of love and high feelings. A wonderful oriental fragrance reveals Bulgarian lavender, sage and frankincense. Heart notes of musk and chickpeas. Base notes are vetiver, Virginia cedar, amber and vanilla.

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