DKNY Red Delicious For Men

DKNY Red Delicious For Men

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DKNY Red Delicious For Men

DKNY Red Delicious For Men EDP 100 ml. is bold and daring sexy scents. A provocative cocktail mixed from unusual combinations of spices and exotic woods, adds to the attraction to anyone who applied to himself. Red Delicious Man is rough spicy aroma of cognac, rum and saffron, bathed in delicious African coffee, a nice splash of liqueur and vanilla vodka. Your amazing energy cardamom, while oak moss adds to virility. Sandalwood soften the brute force of a man who hides in the deepest corners of his personality. Sensuality and attraction to be enjoyed during the night partying, it lends intoxicating notes of tiger orchid, while the tangerine along with hibiscus, keep your indomitable sex appeal until morning. Perfume DKNY Red Delicious Man is very original, bold and memorable. Big energy emanating from the spicy-woody scent, absorbs you and the woman in your arms. Put on DKNY Red Delicious Man and be enchanted fragrance, which will act on all the senses. Meet the amazing scent of toilet water DKNY Red Delicious men. Creating at the time a highly successful fragrance for energetic women who live and spend their days in the big city, Donna Karan came to the decision that this should be created for the stronger sex. The result of these ideas, we can see firsthand, while exploring the toilet water DKNY Red Delicious Men created. Fine woody notes invisible background surround a man, enhance its uniqueness, the ability to rise to the occasion. But to have the owner of fragrance arose negative manifestations, such as abuse of power, sensual side of the composition, filled mostly with flowers, asks her to maintain an open mind, a pure mind and most importantly, the desire to change for the better. Many spicy aromas of this composition were consolidated in the final loop DKNY Red Delicious Men. They captivate minds of women, and you will soon realize what a powerful key to a woman's heart was in your hands.

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