DKNY Red Art Delicious for Men

DKNY Red Art Delicious for Men

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DKNY Red Art Delicious for Men

DKNY Red Art Delicious for Men 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Walking through the streets of the city, you are to attract admiring glances of women? Even if the job requires you to "dress code" and a simple style, however, you always have the ability to dilute the routine day of the bright piece, emphasizing your individuality. For this purpose best suited bright delicious perfume, enriched with fruity notes. If all this for you, then surely you have long brought familiarity with DKNY Red Delicious Red Art. Even if you're not yet familiar with, and you have not had a chance to dilute the confusion of his days in such a mouth-watering creations by Donna Karan, you will certainly look at his attention! This fragrance was created by a team of talented perfumers DKNY company, especially for bright, young, confident men walking on life. They are the embodiment of a large modern city, it is about them remove the popular series with a huge ratings, each of us secretly wish to be like them. They prefer to go to a respectable cars with drivers. They are invited to the opening ceremony and various presentations. Without them, can not do expensive parties. And often their secret is in the perfume! The sensual masculine fragrance DKNY Be Delicious Art Men together united sparkling energy and unbridled lust for life to create an image of modern man - a daring fan of any artistic expression. The fragrance is presented as original spherical bottle, decorated with stylish art paintings. Buying toilet water DKNY Be Delicious Art Men, you are giving yourself an explosion of emotions, and others - a challenge! Fern-woody composition is filled with notes of green apple, jasmine, patchouli, sea and woody undertones.

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