DKNY Pure A Drop of Rose

DKNY Pure A Drop of Rose

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DKNY Pure A Drop of Rose

DKNY Pure A Drop of Rose 100ml. Eau De Parfum is reveals the beauty of the Turkish rose. This exceptional component meets once a year at dawn in a mountain area in the town of Isparta in Turkey. Special delicate aroma Turkish rose gets through mineral-rich soil, the rain and the bright mountain sun. Turkish Rose has a magnificent color and subtle flavor cloud. Soft and sensual perfume Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose enjoy sophisticated, elegant girl. It has been developed for the modern women's floral perfume got its name as the Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose Donna Karan. The composition of the perfume Pure DKNY A Drop Of Rose has been very attractive thanks to the inclusion in its membership of such wonderful ingredients as odorous Turkish rose with black currant in the beginning, followed by magnolia and white cedar in her heart and ends with the basic idea of ​​the smells of verbena with vanilla. A lot of roses, sometimes it is fresh and light as a rose, and sometimes a little bit retro, reminiscent of the smell of cosmetics. Verbena slightly heard, just a few hours after application, magnolia hear when I smell a bottle, and currently there. Very nice flavor, very soft!

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