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DKNY For Women

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DKNY For Women

DKNY For Women EDP 100 ml. American designer Donna Karan is the patron saint of women who wear real clothes sizes. In other words, women with curves in all the right places. She knows what women want and she gives it to them. Same goes for her fragrances which are sexy, modern and wearable. Plus, this one has a bottle that reminds us of the New York skyline – how much more glamourous can you get? New York, with its rapid pace of life has become a source of inspiration for the creators of DKNY - fragrance for dynamic and urban women, embodying modern sense of style. Energy, movement and emotion in it harmoniously balanced incredible freshness and mild sensuality. As the light reflected from the prism of skyscrapers in colored lights, this fragrance includes all your mood changes with you and becomes a part of you. Family aroma s: floral, fruity. Top notes of blood orange juice, chilled vodka, tomato green leaves. Heart note: water lilies, coral orchids, daffodils. Final note: birch, tulip. This flower, but it is extremely fresh scent already about fifteen years is one of the main representatives of the windows of perfumeries America. He fell in love with so many beautiful ladies, that it is time to create a club of admirers of this fragrance! Delicious DKNY women designed specifically for modern women living in big cities. They should always keep an eye on. They need to have time to look after themselves, the fashion, the successful development and prosperity of the company in which they work, have time to devote time to family, friends and loved ones. It would seem that in time it's simply unrealistic. However, every real woman has a little secret, which is the key to its success.

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