Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss

Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss

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Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss

Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss 75ml. Eau De Toilette becomes your ultimate tool of seduction and the men around you instantly blaze the flames of passion. With this fragrance you will at all times feel unusually attractive, seductive and sexy! Female fragrances Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss is a gourmet sweet aroma that perfectly adheres to your skin, creating an irresistible atmosphere. Beginning fragrance is composed of exciting apple tones that blend with the captivating currant and bergamot. This delightful composition is still sweetened with sugar. The heart of the fragrance Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss hiding sensual aroma of cocoa, which perfectly combines with hazelnuts. Magical orange blossoms are complemented by the sweet apricot. The basis of the smell permeates the exotic patchouli and amber sunny. Unique women's fragrance Diesel Loverdose Red Kiss hiding in creative bottle shaped like a heart. Become a goddess of seduction and Experience firsthand the delicate aroma! Diesel smell Loverdose Red Kiss impossible to ignore or resist her! New Loverdose is part of the collection and, like previous editions, inspired by the theme of love and passion. Spirits are described as a dangerous weapon of mass seduction, expressed in a perfect kiss - from which the heart begins to beat wildly in his chest. perfume composition refers to the family of the Eastern gourmet and begins to sound notes of orange color. Later, the melody becomes fragrant aroma of cocoa and hazelnut, white flowers and patchouli, mild sweetness which ends gracefully seductive amber shades of the base.

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