Diesel Loverdose L'Eau De Toilette

Diesel Loverdose L'Eau De Toilette

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Diesel Loverdose L'Eau De Toilette

Diesel Loverdose L'Eau De Toilette 75ml. Eau De Toilette - After the resounding success of the new perfume line Loverdose in 2012, the company Diesel has released an updated, more feminine and sophisticated version Loverdose Eau de Toilette. It is worth noting that the basic concept aimed at deception and seduction, is also reflected in the new composition. Aroma Loverdose Eau de Toilette - is a spark of passion, it is a powerful weapon of offense, is the elixir of love, awakens feelings raging stream, highlight it necessary for every woman to attract the attention of the opposite sex. A juicy fruity floral fragrance eau de toilette Loverdose Eau de Toilette perfectly accentuate charisma bright and sensuality of female nature. Gentle, sweet sounding compositions filled with fresh ripe red apple, which attracts its extraordinary taste and aroma. Notes the "heart" envelop chords heady orange blossom and sensual musk notes highlight the nobility of the bouquet. Date flavor: floral, fruity Top notes: red apple note "Hearts": orange blossom Final note: musk. Fruity floral fragrance reminds you of a bright summer, when the window is raging autumn or winter. Provocative and delicious flavor with apple taste for young girls who prefer club life. Appeared in 2012 and became the evening and daytime fragrance that will never allow the owner to get bored. After a while, after the application becomes soft, gentle tone. Belongs to the family of floral fruit group compositions. Juicy, cheerful, bright and at the same time gentle fragrance will purposeful, active girl. Add image sensuality, brilliance and charisma. On the skin it sounds incredibly beautiful.

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