Declaration L'Eau Cartier

Declaration L'Eau Cartier

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Declaration L'Eau Cartier

Declaration L'Eau Cartier 100ml. EDT is for men looking for a fragrant accessory on hot summer days. The herbal yet lightweight composition brings a number of essential differences that you will fall in love with. Explore a breathtaking and breathtaking freshness that will enhance your masculinity. Cartier Declaration L'Eau is spicy water that contains a great amount of spicy and a variety of woody mixtures. During your daily use, however, you will not be deprived of citrus fruits or cedar. Get the expected sensuality and aromatic irresistibility that will have a long range. Cartier Declaration L'Eau is set in a modern blue bottle, which boasts a very imaginative closure. It is up to him that a fresh and penetrating fragrance can be absorbed into your body, with which you can make an essential enchantment. Bet on a prestigious brand based on content quality. Eau de toilette Cartier Declaration L'Eau is an updated edition of the men's fragrance Declaration, which pleased the representatives of the stronger sex jewelry house Cartier. Perfume refers to the fougerno-aquatic composition and will become an ideal find for the spring and summer season. The fragrance embodies the boundless sea spaces, the immense blue of the heavens, the strength and freshness of the ocean breeze. The fragrance for a long time retains a sense of vivacity, gives a feeling of calm and emotional balance. The perfume composition consists of piquant citrus notes of grapefruit, chords of aromatic herbs, spices, tender woody notes. The fragrance is intended for men who are confident in their own decisions who have the spirit of adventurism and do not stop before life's challenges.

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