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Davidoff The Game

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Davidoff The Game

Davidoff The Game 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Davidoff brand introduces its new fragrance. Perfume Davidoff The Game meant a strong half of mankind, leaders and winners. The hero of the new fragrance - one who aspires to win and get the desired, he is confident in his abilities and is not limited to the manifestations of their talents. Perfume bottle The Game of the brand Davidoff is made ​​in a dark color and is a cylinder with a printed pattern, reminiscent of casino gambling chips. It is assumed that the fragrance Perfume The Game will be just as dynamic, fresh and original as the previous creations home Davidoff. Perfume with an intriguing name "The Game" is an extraordinary, attractive character. Is made for those who believe that life is a game and boldly about the future. Complement your stylish, modern image in warm seasons. In spring and summer you will feel important. Went on sale in 2012, refers to the wood, sweet fern groups of flavors. Created by renowned perfumer Bernard Ellena for the design house of Davidoff in 2012, The Game fragrance for men features a woody aromatic scent that is perfect for evening use. Notes of gin and juniper berries provide an intoxicating fruity aroma that excites the senses. As the scent lingers on, notes of iris and precious woods explode at the heart of this captivating fragrance. The woody essence of ebony wood makes an earthy and masculine ending to this delightful concoction. Sports men's fragrance Davidoff The Game symbolizes a charismatic and confident man who knows when to bet everything on one card. The bearer of smell is a master stone-faced, controls his emotions and can play even outsmart the smartest opponent. The aromatic woody eau de toilette The Game was specially created for men who are not afraid to stand out and assert themselves.

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