Davidoff Cool Water For Women

Davidoff Cool Water For Women

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Davidoff Cool Water For Women

Davidoff Cool Water For Women 100ml. EDT is a sparkling, refreshing fragrance for women. Treat yourself to a cool breeze full of purity and strength. Fragrance, inspired by the freshness of waters of the world, enjoying great popularity since 1996. Try intoxication rose flowers and jasmine combined with juicy fruit and citrus. A touch of femininity give this scent chords lotus flower, lily of the valley and water lily. Recharge of the water element. Fall in love with a clean toilet water clarity Davidoff Cool Water Woman. Luxury perfumes Davidoff is memorable for its uniqueness, freshness and originality. Exceptional fragrance Davidoff Cool Water that exists in the male and female version, has become one of the most popular on the market. Davidoff Cool Water Woman will delight and refresh even the hottest summer day. Romantic, dreamy nature will appreciate the fragrance Davidoff Cool Water woman. It is bright and noticeable but discreet and unobtrusive, allowing you to create around women invisible and hardly tangible exquisite haze that will complement the image of pure innocence. The main focus of this composition placed on a floral bouquet and fruit modulations. Already in the initial notes reveal a crystal lotus and sonorous, sweet languid lily, as well as the incredible freshness of citrus explode and are complemented by a cool mint. It felt exotic fruits: a little sharp and sweet pineapple, quince, which is reminiscent of the smell of a rose or rose hips, honey and melon. The "heart" blossom bouquet of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley. All this complex composition in the loop complement flavorful and fragrant raspberry, vanilla, warm, sweet woody sandalwood and musk discreet refined, which will consolidate all of the sound of perfume for the day.

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