Davidoff Cool Water For Men

Davidoff Cool Water For Men

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Davidoff Cool Water For Men

Davidoff Cool Water For Men EDT 125ml. by Davidoff is a refreshing masculine fragrance that was launched in 1988 and its popularity won the 1992 prize for the best fragrance of the year. Soothing tones of moss, lavender and jasmine relaxes the body and mind. Earthy Essences of sandalwood supplying toilet water Cool Water Man manly basis and sex appeal. Refreshing mint energizes the mind and pumped into your unbounded energy sparkling water. Your senses are sharpened. Your personality awakens to deliver. You become a real man Cool Water Man. Join the waterfall with fresh makeup water Davidoff Cool Water Man and get the power of pure nature. Luxury perfumes Davidoff are memorable for their freshness, sensuality and originality. Be ye Cool Water Man! Enter the world of sparkling Davidoff and forever become a reflection of true manhood! A remarkable example of what is appropriate classic, always in fashion and always current, is men's eau de toilette Davidoff Cool Water, which has more than 20 years. Yet this fragrance is very popular among the stronger sex of all ages and is still perfectly creates the image of the business, the gallant, fashionable men. The owner of this perfume makes it clear that he cares about its appropriateness, as evidenced by the versatility of the smell. It is perfect for both everyday use and for special or festive occasions. From the very first cool-fresh notes of lavender and mint, mildly citrus shades of orange blossom and coriander spices reveals an amazing composition, which symbolizes the endless rugged mountain stream river. The "heart" reveals floral bouquet of geranium and jasmine, diluted tartness moss and sandalwood. Completion of perfume - a persistent plume, which is created by ambergris and musk.

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