David Beckham The Essence

David Beckham The Essence

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David Beckham The Essence

David Beckham The Essence 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Lovers perfumes David Beckham beware! David prepared for you a new fragrance, like almost every year. New for 2012 is The Essence and David gave her his love - fast machines. The new fragrance reflects the speed, style and courage of the man who was with his feet firmly encircling powerful engine beneath it purring contentedly. Fruity-spicy cocktail with subtle accents of wood Evoking the same feeling as when you start your metal pet. Adrenalin feelings corresponds to the modern design bottle, which is a fragrance The Essence hidden. Just like all the other fragrances by David Beckham, and new for 2012 lacks in its appearance elegance, style and a bit of luxury. David simply knows. If you want more proof, check out the unique fragrance The Essence, which belongs to all lovers of powerful and fast machine. Harmonious combination of nature and virile forces commences heady scent of lavender. Clean aromas of violet leaves adorned with slightly bitter grapefruit, which ended the initial impression of the fragrance The Essence. Then comes the exotic tones of cardamom. Remarkable aroma permeates the compact fragrance and gradually it adds a fresh note from pineapple and apple. The conclusion is elegance, style and seductiveness, as it is the case with perfumes David Beckham habit. Soft cashmere wood invites you to join with tonka beans and intense patchouli. The Essence has a relatively good endurance. This lotion on its skin will feel throughout the day. David Beckham. The football god is often maligned the exaggerated care about his appearance, and many call it pejoratively "metrosexual". David Beckham really anxious to ensure their appearance, which has to be perfect at all times. To perfect the look and also pleasant fragrance. And so David decided to design its own collection of perfumes and his wife Victoria today forms a duo whose work is popular with connoisseurs of exquisite fragrances worldwide. New for 2012 is a fragrance called The Essence. David created it to celebrate one of their hobbies. Love for the fast and powerful machines. If you are a fan of motorcycles or just love perfumes from David Beckham, surely you must have The Essence. The smell of courage, strength and speed! Perfume bouquet The Essence It reveals bright, fresh and intoxicating notes of lavender, accented chords spicy green leaves. Refined in the "heart" of the composition is charming lilt of freshness, coolness around you. The base of the fragrance is composed of notes invigorating citrus fruits framed by rich Chords tonka bean and patchouli, which emphasize the elegance and masculinity of the composition.

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