David Beckham Signature for Her

David Beckham Signature for Her

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David Beckham Signature for Her

David Beckham Signature for Her 75ml. EDT is the fragrance that conjures up every woman with its extraordinarily tempting and light aroma. This eau de toilette is suitable for all the individual women who like their own style. It can create a feeling of irresistibility, freshness and elegance. Eau de toilette Signature for Her initially attracts you with the fresh aroma of apple, which is followed by the floral heart. Orchid adds vanilla essence to give you a sense of sensuality and uniqueness. The basis of the whole composition consists of musk, sparkling amber and patchouli. The smell is suitable for both evening parties and daily wear. Each woman will appreciate its uniqueness and compliments. David Beckham's Signature for Her Underwear will unleash your femininity and sense of fashion. The market was launched in 2008. The Beckham Signature for Her Perfume is designed for confident women who have their own style. Signature for Her will be relevant both on the evening party and at work. Each woman will appreciate the uniqueness and charm of the fragrance, which will successfully emphasize the femininity and style of the owner. Try freshness, elegance and refinement.

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