David Beckham Intimately for Women

David Beckham Intimately for Women

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David Beckham Intimately for Women

David Beckham Intimately for Women 75ml. Eau De Toilette is rebuilt in 2008. The perfume is designed to measure Victoria Beckham, thus reflecting the warmth of love, which is proud couple, as well as Victoria's sense of style and fashion. Intimately Woman fragrance is like a bouquet of freshly torn flowers where you can be, for example, abound with luxurious white flowers, rose petals or orange blossom. This is complemented by vanilla and woody notes. Altogether mix of ingredients creates a luxurious, yet gentle, intimate impression of the perfume. David Beckham Intimately Woman fits noble, romantic woman who knows the fashion trends. Underlining the characteristic scent and bottle of pure, limpid lines with pink content. Smell became counterpart to the masculine scent David Beckham Intimately Beckham for Men. These scents together complement each other and create a harmonious symphony, like a loving couple, after which the perfume named. This fabulous exclusive embodiment of femininity, attractiveness and elegance, touching tenderness and romance of modern ladies. Her multi-faceted nature fascinates and aristocratic manners captivate from the first second. She - a real ideal woman, in fact manages to be a good mother, a loving wife, loyal friend and diligent employee. Perfume Intimately Beckham bouquet from the first second care gentle fragrance of white flowers, underlined juicy freshness of bergamot. Chords elegant Casablanca lilies, delicate orange blossom and tuberose in a graceful "heart" of the composition emphasize femininity cute owner captivating aroma. Accomplishment give the perfume a masterpiece chords noble sandal in sweet and sensual vanilla musk frame. Pink bottle emphasizes the romantic conception of the fragrance created for women who are its mysterious nature conquer the hearts of men.

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