David Beckham Classic Blue

David Beckham Classic Blue

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David Beckham Classic Blue

David Beckham Classic Blue 90ml. Eau De Toilette is a modern eau de toilette for men who have a refined style. Elegant and sophisticated compositions inspired by real life. Classical essence, into which were inserted timeless fragrance elements. The original water caress olfactory senses that you must have. Eau de toilette for men, David Beckham Classic Blue is a woody challenge. Offering for the brave individuals who with gusto and enthusiasm Plays with fresh tones. To them belongs apple, pineapple or grapefruit. The distinctive essential treatment, which comes to the taste of everyone. Decent vial of eau de toilette for men, David Beckham Classic Blue is a proud representative of the composition hidden inside. Fragrance named after the famous footballer whose sex appeal now you can own too. Take the way of sports and refreshing combination of selected elements. Fragrance was launched in 2014. Perfumes presented as a bouquet with chypre woody memorable. An unusual trio opens the fragrance: it all starts with a pleasant and slightly causing pineapple notes, the first part of the game continues and ends with grapefruit unobtrusive and gentle shimmering violet leaves. At the base of the perfume David Beckham classic blue reveals its full potential and lovely geraniums chords of green apple, they alternately give a pleasant sweetness and barely noticeable freshness. The presence of fine notes of sage gives some flavor of originality. The intertwining of different shades, which ultimately is a luxurious and memorable ensemble, was the desire to prove that the classics will be recognized at any time.

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