Coach Love Eau Blush

Coach Love Eau Blush

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Coach Love Eau Blush

Coach Love Eau Blush 100ml. Eau De Parfum - New dedicated to the birth of love, rosy cheeks, a gentle touch, smiles and secret views. Fresh and floral notes of the composition describe shyness and tenderness, and woody and musky tones. Designed to tender and romantic fragrance of natures is declared as a modern, elegant and very feminine. Easy and elegant perfume Coach lava e Blush dedicated to love and inspired by the romance and beauty of youth. Charming accession represented a bright, vibrant bergamot with black currant nuance that gives youthful glow dew covering the lush greenery and fresh delicate freesia. Freesia - elegant flower with a delicate aroma, which is obliged to charm freshness that bring a warm aura. Homeland freesia - exotic Africa. In the 19th century, these delicate flowers, like bells, beautiful aristocrat loved to decorate their bouquets. In the language of mysticism as a gift freesia acquires meaning at the heart of attachment. For thin freesia inflorescences characterized by a large range of colors: white, cream, orange, blue, purple and crimson. This magical flower is always surrounded by an aura of warm sunny. Pink designer bottle decorated with a stylized monogram heart-shaped, and refined and elegant melody has a concentration of eau de toilette. Coach Love of Eau Blush opens with fresh notes of bergamot and cassis accompanied by freesia. Heart gives a romantic bouquet of magnolia, jasmine, gardenia and lily of the valley. Completes calm warm base of amber, musk, sandalwood and cedar.

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