Club de Nuit Intense Man

Club de Nuit Intense Man

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Club de Nuit Intense Man

Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man EDT 105ml. belongs to the Chypre, Fruit  aromas group - the leader in sales in the entire Armaf perfumery  line . Its light, but at the same time persistent notes of pineapple, apple and bergamot will excite you and others, will be enveloped in an unobtrusive haze, and the train will not get tired of attracting female attention! Do not be alarmed, you will have to answer the question: "What smells so good from you?" Having tried once, you will remain hostage, because Club De Nuit Intense Man was created in order to give you the joy of aroma. The embodiment of true masculinity, strong willpower, determination and confidence encompasses the delightful aroma of Club De Nuit Intense Man toilet water from the popular brand from the United Arab Emirates Armaf. The warm seductive sound of this unsurpassed woody spicy composition captures women's hearts from the very first notes. This excellent perfume opens with bright citrus-fruit accords of fresh lemon, extravagant blackcurrant and a crisp apple. Refined shades of refined jasmine and a noble rose with gentle birch tints intertwined in the center of the fragrance. Framing consists of sweet notes of vanilla combined with the sensual splendor of musk, patchouli and ambergris.

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