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Clinique Happy To Be

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Clinique Happy To Be

Clinique Happy To Be 100 ml. Eau De Parfum - The first time that I tried Happy to Be was when I got a free sample in a gift set after buying some other Clinique products. This then became one of my favourite daytime perfumes... ever! The smell is simple, quite direct, happy, sunny, and full of energy. Happy to Be is also quite feminine, but not to the point where I do not feel it is proper for wearing in the office environment. I wear it to work, to go out and hang out with friends, and also for sports. It always puts me in a good mood, no matter the activity. Also, the smell makes me feel very young - reliving my university days. One other thing is that it feels very 'orange', my favourite colour! Actually, this is so close to me that I hope less people buy it - it means there will be less chance of me bumping into someone with the same perfume on! Bright, sparkling, piercing freshness and flavor filled sunny mood Clinique Happy To Be - is a new variation of flavor for lovers and happy Clinique Happy. Freshness and sweetness of citrus fruit blend it with an abundance of blooming flowers, irresistible flavor of cocoa and pear adds piquancy and nuances of sandalwood and sesame added almost tangible sensuality and tenderness. Aroma, clean, romantic and feminine make its possessor truly irresistible. Happy To Be Clinique - new floral image, embodied in a bouquet of hibiscus, roses and lilacs, Tinted notes of cocoa butter, sesame and sandalwood.

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