Clinique Happy In Bloom 2015

Clinique Happy In Bloom 2015

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Clinique Happy In Bloom 2015

Clinique Happy In Bloom 2015 50ml. Eau De Parfum is a floral fruity fragrance for romantic women who desire to surround joy. Sparkling power of this fragrance will charge you for the entire day in a good mood and put a smile on your lips. Indulge in the aroma of blooming flowers and freshness of freshly picked fruits from morning till night! Fruity-floral mix women's fragrance Clinique Happy in Bloom 2015 opens with refreshing green tones, the attractive aromas mingle with the exciting sounds of the sweetest and most delicate plum. Fresh atmosphere is enhanced even more unique aquatic tones that add moisture playful , tickets and freesia. Captivating mimosa perfectly combines with sensual musk. Amber and woody notes creating seductive dot. The scent is perfect for daytime wear. The heady scent of flowers perfectly symbolizes also the bottle, which will enchant you with its originality and uniqueness. Wrap yourself in irresistible fragrance Clinique Happy in Bloom 2015 and show the world its charm! The fragrance will become a great addition to your every day. Happy in the Bloom 2015 by Clinique marks the arrival of spring, filled with intoxicating aromas and floral freshness. At the heart of the perfume guessed woody notes and musk and amber hues. Cocktail of lily of the valley, freesia and mimosa stirs emotions and sets a positive way, and the combination of the aroma of exotic fruits and plum gives a sense of peace. Perfume is a great addition to the romantic image of a woman, capable of spontaneous decisions.

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