Clinique Aromatic in Black

Clinique Aromatic in Black

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Clinique Aromatic in Black

Clinique Aromatic in Black 100ml. Eau De Parfum - Clinique launches Aromatics in of Black, which is characterized by a black bottle and floral-oriental composition. Aromatics in Black specific dense fruity notes, which open the composition, passing the baton to the sweet osmanthus honey notes in the heart, surrounded by the cool and elegant jasmine flowers. Flower heart warmed warm resinous notes of myrrh, combined with vetiver, providing a beautiful and at the same time a complex finish. Black glass bottle of the new fragrance Clinique Aromatics in Black in the campaign surrounded by purple orchids, inherit the style of last year's campaign, which was performed in the same style - white glass bottle was surrounded by a milky white orchids. Inspired appreciate "black" dazzling splendor of modern, rich and elegant charm of women, they are able to completely control the black, different women. Aromatics in Black fragrance is a unique representative of the Oriental fragrance with deep mysterious black amber fragrance for this truly unique, exudes a mysterious and seductive charming temperament female was born.

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