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CK Truth For Men

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CK Truth For Men

CK Truth For Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette is the fifth scent of Calvin Klein for men from a company of the same name. The market came in 2002 as a counterpart of perfumed Truth for Women. It aims to connect with nature, which is reflected in the composition of the scent. At the same time, however, it underlines male power and natural sensuality. The fragrance of Eau de Toilette is developed with spicy tones of pepper, which underlines the exotic scent of patchouli, cardamom and basil. The conclusion is dominated by woody cedar aromas inspired by the summer forest atmosphere. Toilet water Truth for Men will be appreciated mainly by men who enjoy the long-lasting feeling of freshness as a pleasant bath. Undeniable is the fact that millions of successful, self-confident and cheerful men around the world have chosen Calvin Klein Truth men as their favorite toilet water. This fragrance is an ideal solution for men who can simultaneously be romantic and calm, passionate and bold. Calvin Klein Truth men is a sensual, intoxicating, vegetative perfume composition. It costs you just a couple of drops of this perfume, as you immediately envelop the notes of refined patchouli and persistent pepper. After them, a note of "heart" will be included in the form of cardamom, basil and sandalwood. A pleasant, unforgettable aftertaste will leave the red cedar. All this exquisite bouquet peacefully rests in a strict rectangular vial, decorated with a silver cap-cap. Try Calvin Klein Truth men right now - be one step closer to success.

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