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CK Sheer Beauty

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CK Sheer Beauty

CK Sheer Beauty 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a floral, bright, with a base of sandalwood. You act like a silk veil, beautiful petals. Sheer Fragrance hide charm and timeless elegance. Attractive bottle shiny as a pearl, fully captures the character of the fragrance. Clean, soft and fresh, a true essence of eternal youth, the brand Calvin Klein. Try the new edition in 2012 and you will not regret it! At first you feel fresh tones of berries and bergamot. Soon agreements captivates you by lily, peony and jasmine elegance. Finally, you can enjoy the sweet notes of vanilla, sandalwood and musk. The famous brand Calvin Klein is famous for its unique and delectable essences. Choosing this brand exudes confidence and a refined style, youthful spirit and exceptional view of the world. Bright and very refined fragrance is perfect for use every day. Sheer Beauty Calvin Klein perfume is designed to evoke in every woman's feelings of safety and beauty. Celebrate the power of feminine with this Calvin Klein Sheer Beauty. She is energetic, feminine and confident. She is young and delicious. It is filled with natural beauty and so incredibly attractive. Calvin Klein Sheer BEAUTY-new fragrance in the line of Calvin Klein BEAUTY. Sparkling and carefree Calvin Klein Sheer BEAUTY embodies sexuality and attractiveness. Fresh fruity floral fragrance enhances sensuality and warmth of the skin. The fragrance opens with notes of energetic and bubbly peach, continuing extract of red berries and bergamot. Heart notes of perfume attracts pink lily, jasmine and peony. Flex Calvin Klein Sheer BEAUTY disclosed chords colors of vanilla, musk and sandalwood. The bottle design Calvin Klein Sheer BEAUTY resembles the design of the classic fragrance BEAUTY. glass transparent pink color reflects quivering femininity flavor and harmony with the female skin. Completes the elegant image of subtle translucent lid. When you create a package main inspiration for designers was the image of a refined and confident girl. Iridescent nacre, it reflects all the beauty of a gentle glowing color bottle and filling his sparkling flavor. Face of an advertising campaign was a Dutch model Daphne Groeneveld. Daphne represents a Woman, which was created for the fragrance - a young, feminine, sensual. Daphne's image and advertising campaign Calvin Klein Sheer BEAUTY reflect high style and perfection of the brand Calvin Klein.

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