CK One Summer 2013

CK One Summer 2013

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CK One Summer 2013

CK One Summer 2013 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Calvin Klein explores the seabed with its new limited edition fragrance CK One Summer 2013. Bottle of blue with neon green logo. Design and flavor reminiscent depths of the ocean, but in the spirit of the exotic. With a sharp notes of citrus, watermelon, musk, mint, cucumber and lotus. Calvin Klein offers a sense of rest under the coconut tree with papaya juice in hand. Fragrance will be available from March 4, 2013 in perfumery. Calvin Klein is one of the most famous and best-selling brands. The first perfume by Calvin Klein for more than thirty years ago. New items from this respected worldwide brand is always a success. Annually office Calvin Klein perfume limited edition summer fragrance, anticipates opening his appearance of the hot season. Refreshing fragrance Calvin Klein CK One Summer 2013, which absorbed mainly citrus notes, in 2013 rang in a new way thanks to the fact that the creators added to the composition of aquatic, fruit and aromatic essences. The explosive composition of saturated and invigorating tonic combinations, which combine in a single burst, manifested in the form of soulful loop. The main fragrance notes are: water colors, watermelon, citrus, cucumber, moss, water lily and musk. By tradition, which originated in 2004, the brand Calvin Klein meets summer limited edition unisex fragrance CK One Summer. Every year it's a new flavor, a new design, new year history. Sparkling sea composition lies in the original vial, which will certainly want to take with you on vacation. CK One Summer - it's fresh, clean, invigorating unisex scent. Refreshing as the surf. Sensual, as the sun warmed skin. Tempting as misted glass of mineral water on a hot afternoon. CK One Summer fragrance is built around a three- year notes - juicy watermelon, cool cucumber and white wood. The fragrance opens with notes of citrus and piercing freshness raging waterfall. Juicy watermelon chords and fresh green leaves give a treasured coolness. At the heart of the composition is dissolved mesmerizing waterlily. Its subtle flavor blends perfectly with the cool notes of cucumber. Following enter sensual and spicy accords. Cumin seeds, wood, musk and moss leave unforgettable sexy train. Traditional shape bottle CK One this year painted a bright blue color. The effect of water droplets on the sweaty , as if just taken out a bottle of ice instantly conveys the mood of flavor. Blue skies, gentle sunshine , warm sand , the sea breeze and mesmerizing element of water - fragrance CK One Summer invites you to spend a serene summer day at the seaside.

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