CK One Shock for Her

CK One Shock for Her

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CK One Shock for Her

CK One Shock for Her 100ml. Eau De Toilette - Calvin Klein gives his fans masterpiece duo of fragrances, which is a worthy continuation of the popular citrus unisex perfume CK One. Fragrance CK One Shock for Her - female variation trends. Perfume Calvin Klein One Shock for Her designed for modern, young members of the fairer sex, daring lovers to shock others. Brilliant intense aroma captivates seductive oriental fragrance enriched provocative spiciness. - East floral arrangement top notes reveal the passion, pink peony and poppy. - Feminine heart notes give fragrant jasmine, narcissus , blackberry and dark cocoa. - intoxicating charm completes amazing trail, rich vanilla, patchouli, amber and musk. new pair fragrance that excites and shocking! This is another "remix" on the cult classic unisex perfume released in 1994 - CK One. Until now, a whole lot of fragrances CK One was produced exclusively as unisex, but now we see the exception to the rule - issued two separate perfumes: for it - CK One Shock for Her and for him - CK One Shock for Him. Addressed these spirits as before to young people today who are rebellious summary and morals, they are not so easy to surprise and something even more shocking. Be provocative and admired in others - it is their vocation. CK CK One Shock for Her rich floral and oriental notes, hints of peony, passion flower, jasmine, red poppy, chocolate, white narcissus, blackberry, patchouli, musk, vanilla and amber. These spirits arrived on store shelves in 2011. a new edition of the shocking cult citrus unisex fragrance CK One 1994, which was first issued separately for women and men: CK One Shock for Her and for him CK One Shock for Him. Aromas One Shock turned to today's younger generation, rebellious and free, which is difficult to surprise, and even more shocking. Environmental shock the audience gives them a special treat. The composition opens scenic East floral chord of music Passionflower, pink peony and poppy red, which is picked up by feminine jasmine, narcissus with white appetizing accompaniment of music cocoa and blackberries in the "heart CK One Shock for Her. Musk, patchouli, amber and sweet vanilla together in a warm sensual trail at the base of seductive and daring fragrance. Design CK One Shock for her" from Calvin Klein original form dipped in milk-bottle white paint, which is applied on top of a bright pink lettering SHOCK made in the style of graffiti.

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