CK Intense Euphoria for Men

CK Intense Euphoria for Men

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CK Intense Euphoria for Men

CK Intense Euphoria for Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette - one of the key components of the male image, the choice of which should not be treated casually. If you are looking for an interesting, concise and at the same time energetic fragrance, we recommend to pay attention to Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Intense. This unique scent is intense sound fascinating oriental spices and wood velvet chords. The luxurious malls Calvin Klein Euphoria Men Intense united sweet tangerine accents and pleasant bitterness ginger, fragrant spice pepper and fresh rainwater. The central passages fascinate tartness smell of wormwood and softness of black basil, cedar leaf and ease enchanting notes of vetiver. Flex will appreciate the wealth of shades, which complemented the sweetness of amber tenderness of myrrh, and velvet satisfies wood dissolves in playfulness patchouli. Choosing for yourself this unique perfume, you are decorating your image and make it the standard of sophistication and elegance. Date flavor: oriental woody Top notes: pepper, ginger, rainwater, tangerine "buzz" note "Hearts": cedar leaves, tarragon, black basil, vetiver Final note: patchouli, myrrh, labdanum, amber, wood satisfies. His ironic smile, appraising look crazy. What does he think about the dream and to aspire to, is impossible to understand, because his soul he will reveal only one that will win his heart. And only she can understand the mystery of his appeal: impeccable style, temperament and bright ... a fragrance that is associated only with him, tart smell of ginger pepper, sage and magnificent sensual amber. This Euphoria Men Intense, symbol of attractiveness and success, this fragrance forever!

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