CK IN2U Pop For Him

CK IN2U Pop For Him

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CK IN2U Pop For Him

CK IN2U Pop For Him Limited Edition 100 ml. Eau De Toilette - The new men's fragrance from Calvin Klein primarily mild surprise unique minty coolness bordering summer night coolness and compound long known ingredients, which this time is an unexpected woody masculine fragrance IN2U POP. Focusing on the chivalry and restraint of these men, in the first initial notes of perfumers specifically added mint, lemon and cucumber. Thus, in one whole merged freshness, bordering on a sense of mild anxiety, cheerfulness citrus and cucumber summer mood. The "heart" of the fragrance hidden neroli, cardamom and violet. It gives a bouquet of neroli special multi-faceted, spicy, slightly pulsating sound. In the final flavor distinctly heard woody vetiver, cedar and pine-fragrant sweet patchouli. These ingredients create a special stable plume, which accompanies man throughout the day. date aroma:  wood fern Top note:  mint, lemon, cucumber note "Hearts":  neroli, cardamom, violet Final note:  vetiver, cedar, patchouli. this is the best gift for your loved one, because it allows you to not only feel a surge of strength and energy, but also to be carried away into a world of eternal summer, where there is no place of sadness, melancholy, cloudy and overcast mood. Buy perfume Calvin Klein CK In2u Pop Him - then tune into a new, warm and cheerful wave for change and the course of their lives, succumb passions of youth!

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