CK Euphoria Blossom

CK Euphoria Blossom

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CK Euphoria Blossom

CK Euphoria Blossom 100ml. Eau De Toilette is exclusively a female floral fragrance that looks like it was created for long summer evenings and hot nights. It's a lighter version of the classic Euphoria and first saw the light of the world in 2006. Become irresistible to your surroundings! The captivating oriental essence of pomegranate and orchid blends with tones of rare woods. Mysticism and irresistibility bring to this gem of exotic fruit and flowers an unusual pink peony. Take the Euphoria Blossom scent from Calvin Klein. Enchant with your charm that will inspire Calvin Klein's perfumed water. Do not be afraid to be seductive and yours! Experience the perfect blend of exotic fragrances and self-confidence that Calvin Klein will give you the Euphoria Blossom. Fragrances made for princesses from fairy tales of one thousand and one nights. Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom is an endless waterfall of freshness and sweets, which with its powerful current carries away all problems and failures. In its rich chords the unique tenderness of the flower garden is poured, which fills the atmosphere with calmness and harmony. The soft haze of this fragrance is universal and will adorn any female image. Delightful overflows Calvin Klein Euphoria Blossom perfectly emphasize the femininity and sensuality of the lady, make it incredibly attractive for men. In the initial notes combine sweet and sour garnet and playful kumquat, which are charged with energy and vivacity. The central passages are filled with the subtle shining of the lotus, the passion of the pink peony and the seductiveness of the orchid. The final chords of this perfume are conquered by the fascination of musk, the languor of white amber and noble notes of wood.

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