CK Eternity Summer 2014 for Men

CK Eternity Summer 2014 for Men

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CK Eternity Summer 2014 for Men

CK Eternity Summer 2014 for Men 100ml. Eau De Toilette is a new fragrance, released in 2014. Perfume for men belongs to a family of wood fern. Light and sparkling, filled with bright rays of the sun, this summer scent created for relaxation and enjoyment. It is associated with a hot afternoon and the beach parties, flirtation and carefree pastime. Transparent blue bottle adorned with a steel cap with dropper. CK Eternity Summer 2014 for men - is the composition of the notes of juniper berries surrounded by shades of pear, basil and watermelon, cardamom, lavender and thyme, amber, musk and sandalwood. This fresh fern scent begins with aromatic notes of tarragon whilst the heart captures essence of seaweed and leads on to a base featuring driftwood accord and musk. Fresh, invigorating and masculine, the Eternity Summer for Men 2014 fragrance is the perfect companion on those hazy summer days and chilled out evenings. It  is a water refreshment on hot summer days. Aromatic blend of aromatic essences, whose advantage is the ease bathed in the hot hot sun. Fresh highs in the pack will sit back every discerning man. Under the pleasant pear and melon aromas with basil hidden subtext complete berried juniper. This combination creates a very pleasant summer day. A feeling of peace, harmony, bliss and infinite relaxing on the beach. At the heart of Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2014 is lavender, thyme and cardamom. Eau de toilette for men will become the intoxication of your mind. Tastefully looking vial of refreshing sends impulses full of subtlety and fresh gust of wind. Calvin Klein Eternity Summer 2014 is the perfect choice being the hot summer days when you literally cooled.

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