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CK Eternity Night

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CK Eternity Night

CK Eternity Night 100ml. Eau De Parfum is a perfumed water for women who belong to the lovers of nightlife. If you want eternity and a pleasant atmosphere, choose a spicy flavor. Soft and warm tones that make you feel relaxed. Charge yourself before any social event. Calvin Klein Eternity Night is the synonym of perfection, from which it emits a sweet essence full of woody and fruity tones. Your body will be shrouded in a haze of sandalwood, jasmine or pink pepper during a very short moment. Elegant bottle of perfumed water for women Calvin Klein Eternity Night just uploads the above. Gentle purple color that is full of mysticism and mystery. Cover the dynamic and harmonious flavors of a refreshing smell that turns anyone who comes in contact with you. Soft, passionate, sexy feminine fragrance Eternity Night is a new modern "nightly" edition of the legendary classical smells Eternity for Women and Eternity for Men, created by talented perfumers of the famous fashion brand Calvin Klein. Sensual and rich flavor seduces during the day and blossoms at night, intriguing with its mysterious depth and versatility. Expressive fragrant melody belongs to the flower group of aromas with bright fruity and spicy impregnations, which makes it especially bright and memorable. The beginning beckons and fascinates velvety breath of forest berries, ripe plum and pink pepper. Smoothly passing into the enchanting "heart", the aroma changes its fruit and berry nature to a rich floral fragrance. Here, in a single bouquet, spicy and deep chords of exotic frangipani, sweet wisteria and snow-white jasmine are collected, adding the aroma of even more juiciness and tender sensuality. All this fragrant splendor is delicately shaded with luxurious base notes composed of noble wood accents of sandalwood, combined with unsurpassed notes of thin bean and seductive musk. Perfumed water from Calvin Klein is placed in a transparent, elegant bottle, which is decorated with an original lid. Ideal for daily use at any time of the year.

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