CK Contradiction For Women

CK Contradiction For Women

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CK Contradiction For Women

CK Contradiction For Women EDP 100 ml. is a complex blend of ingredients chosen for their individual clarity and ability to harmonize. We refer to this signature fragrance as a joyful oriental. The exhilarating freshness gives way to vibrant textural florals wrapped in a sheer blanket of soft warmth and femininity. "She's strong, yet feminine. She's smart and sexy all at the same time. In many ways, she's a woman of contradiction. The eternal contradiction of feminine weakness and unexplained power over men. Conflicting accents constituting floral-oriental composition, appear bright, truly modern fragrance Fragrance Calvin Klein Contradiction created for residents of the metropolis, which are constant in its inconstancy. Fragrant feminine floral composition disclosed chords rose, peony, jasmine and lily of the valley. New, modern elements in the heart of eucalyptus aroma refreshes classic floral bouquet, which is complemented by notes of orchid flower and pear. Inconsistent, feminine, stylish, inimitable oriental scent. This sparkling freshness, turning into lyrical flower range filled with elegant sensuality. Head notes: orchid, eucalyptus, pepper flower, jasmine. Notes 'heart': lily, rose, peony, silk cotton tree. Base notes: tambuti, Cumaru fruit, sandalwood and musk.

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